I am Anastasia, Nastasya, Nastya, as you like)))

and now I have a trainship in the sunny town of Foggia, in southern Italy, among the palms and pizzerias.

Erasmus + gave me such a great opportunity. I was looking for such program for a long time, I was afraid, I had many questions, sometimes I doubted, sometimes I reallly doubted, searched, found, rejoiced and was disappointed, but in the end I received an invitation letter and another stage of my life began.

This blog about all this stuff, about the search, about the program, about moving, about documents, about housing, about food and everything that me and you are interested in will talk here!

My goal is to help you to cope with a fear, doubts and not be afraid of change!


If you have any questions about Erasmsus life in UniFG then contact me here:
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